Support and CRM Ticketing Tools

Priyanka Nalawade

2022-03-11 16:57:01

Steps to be followed while raising a task:-

1. Need to go to Erp Admin Module -->> ERP Service Tickets form.
2. After clicking on that form, a screen will appear with bifurcated states related to CRM tasks. In that list, click on Add task in CRM button.
3. A pop-up will appear with query related module and form name, task name with accurate description in given fields.
4. Also need to attach screenshots of related issues for better understanding or clarification. There is an option of choosing files so select and click the save button.
5. After selecting module and form name for eg:- Project WBS under Project Engineering a list of patches will be displayed there based on selected module and form. Refer all patches related to your issue and for installation if needed kindly coordinate with Implementation Team. They will guide you for the same. 
6. This will help reduce time consumption and the issue will be resolved faster without punching task.
6. Once the task is saved it will be saved as A draft state in CRM Inbox. When task is assigned the value - yet to start, from our end an email is sent on registered email ID, which means that the task is assigned to developer. When the state changes to development, it means work is in progress. 
7. Tasks will be assigned to the developer within 2 hours or less.
8. Depending on the issue type, the task resolution date will be set.
9. If the ticket type is an error on web application then it will be resolved on the same day itself or within 24 to 48 hours on working days. For mobile application related error it will be resolved with in 48 to 96 hours if we need to publish the new mobile app on stores. Cloud server related issue will be resolved within 2 to 4 hours.
10. If ticket type is enhancement/ development then based on your requirement document for enhancement, it will take 2-3 days to raise CR in StrategicERP and provide the Document on Costing for that CR. For new development it will take 4-5 days to raise CR and provide the Document on Costing for that CR.
11. After assigning task to UAT state, if that task is not checked and completed from your end within 1 week, then it will be auto-completed. Kindly do the needful within the timeline.
12. Source code will not be shared as it is a property of StrategicERP.
13. Problem related to virus, hardware or network failure or any 3rd party software issue will not be StrategicERP responsibility.
14. Delay payment of cloud and/or AMC may hamper the service.