StrategicERP USP Features of ERP Admin Module

Madan Maladi

2023-07-28 11:55:37

To view screenshots of the USP features for the IT/ ERP Admin module, quickly browse through the following document. 

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What makes StrategicERP unique? 

StrategicERP is loaded with unique features delivered on a customizable and scalable cloud-based platform. 

Each module has its differentiating features that have been appreciated by our clients and have also given us a competitive advantage. We have compiled USP lists for each module to provide you with the opportunity to fully leverage StrategicERP software for your business. 


Take a look at our product USPs for the IT/ ERP Admin module.

  1. Get alerted about new versions available on the ERP Store 

  2. Bulk user imports available for user creation

  3. User login restriction provided for intranet and internet

  4. Secure login process with OTP authentication when a change in the network is detected

  5. Custom workflow permission can be provided based on the client's requirement

  6. Custom fields and reports that can be edited by IT/ Admin personnel

  7. e-Documents form available for soft copy data

  8. ERP Chat Communicator for the employees of the organization provided within the ERP system

  9. HOD or Director can view the given rights/ permissions to employees when they log in as a viewer, which does not require a password