StrategicERP USP Features of Contractor Management Module

Madan Maladi

2023-08-26 17:04:38

To view screenshots of the USP features for the Contractor Management module, quickly browse through the following document. 

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What makes StrategicERP unique? 

StrategicERP is loaded with unique features delivered on a customizable and scalable cloud-based platform. 

Each module has its differentiating features that have been appreciated by our clients and have also given us a competitive advantage. We have compiled USP lists for each module to provide you with the opportunity to fully leverage StrategicERP software for your business. 



Take a look at our product USPs for the Contractor Management module.


  1. Preparation of contractor work order can be done easily on the system

  2. Work orders can be created in two ways- Line item-wise or payment schedule-wise

  3. Work orders can be prepared on the basis of BOQ imported in Project engineering module

  4. Can create work orders with restrictions on budgeted quantities, rates and amount as well

  5. Request for quotations can be sent directly from the system to contractors

  6. Comparison of quoted rates from different contractors can be done

  7. Shortlisting of contractors on the basis of lowest rates and amounts is possible with graphical interface

  8. Work order can be generated with GST amounts and sent directly through the ERP system

  9. Terms & Conditions and Payment terms can be entered directly in work order print. Part rate payment option is available at the time of creation of the work order. Provision for its amendment is made for rates and quantities. Service provider ledger report available.

  10. Work awarded vs Work done vs Payment done report available