StrategicERP Checklist to Consider while Comparing with Other Products

Ashvin Gami

2023-07-26 16:43:20

Going live on any ERP is the beginning of a digital transformation journey for any organization. So, the selection of an ERP system is an important responsibility for the team members of the organization.

Often, during an initial comparison, all ERPs seem similar with price being the only differentiator. However, it requires an in-depth study of various ERPs to discover the actual differences among them. This knowledge base article will save some time and effort for those who take up the responsibility of selecting ERP software for their organization.

  • Engineering module of StrategicERP provides BOQ and Project Schedule linking based on quantities or percentage to arrive at all joint reports such as outward cash flow, material planning, and services planning without any entry effort on spreadsheets. (A)
  • StrategicERP finance modules have maturity of more than 10 years in the market as on year 2022. (I)
  • All banking applications are built on technologies based on Java and PostgreSQL or Oracle. Most international leading players in ERP are using J2EE for their applications. (FI)
  • Suppliers and Contractors self-service available for submitting quotations, progress reports, service / material receipt notes, bills and ledger confirmation. (A)
  • Attach documents in ERP on any form and move along with the workflow. (A)
  • No limitations on number of companies or number of projects. (A)
  • Android and iOS native mobile apps available. We had hybrid mobile apps 5 years ago but they do not perform as efficiently as native apps. (A)
  • Multiple purchase / work order generation to more than one supplier or contractor from one comparison. (A)

We hope these initial points will help you kickstart your comparison study.