Rapid Process Automation Form Working

Rahul Tyagi

2020-10-03 12:56:36

Hello Folks.

Greetings From StrategicERP !!

I will explain you the working of rapid process automation(RPA) form. You need to do entry in RPA and status mail sms form to create reccuring entry on a perticular date.--

Please follow below steps- (Steps In RPA Form)

1. Go to RPA form in ERP Admin. 

2. Recursion Form Id--> Select form name in this field.

3. Reference No Field ID--> Put field id of voucher no from concern form. (You can get field id by right click on voucher no field.)

4. Reference No--> Put concerned voucher number here. Whom you want a recurring posting.

5. Rapid Process Name--> Give a name to your RPA on the bassis of party name on bill no. 

6. Start Date--> Put RPA start date here. RPA generation will start from this date. 

7. Till Date--> RPA will stop recurring posting from this date. 

8. Parameter Name--> If you want user defined value in any field kindly put field name here. (I.E You want voucher date should be current date in auto entry. Than put voucher date here)

9. Parameter ID--> Put point no-8 field id here. (You can get field id by right click on concern field.)

10. Parameter Setting--> Select user defined value here. 

11. Parameter Value--> Put your value here which you want in auto entry. ( In case of current date put current_date)

Click on save button now. System will gererate an ID here. This id will be used in status mail sms form. 

Steps in status mail sms form.

1. Go to status mail sms form in Erp Admin.

2. Form ID--> Select form name here. (Same as RPA)

3. Auto Timer Schedule--> Tick on this check box.

4. Select value as per your need in Month, Date and Time field. 

5. Rapid Process Automation ID--> Select concern RPA Id from Drop down. 

Click on save button below. Now you are all set for RPA. 

Thanks for choosing StrategicERP as your I.T partner. Have a good day.

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