Project Schedule Import using MS Project file

Shivprasad Wangdate

2022-12-10 16:29:22

Project schedule import using MS Project

  • Project Schedule import with BOQ linking

1. Import BOQ in Project WBS form and Create WBS Activities accordingly

2. To import schedule of the same, Create an MS Project file and add custom columns as shown in the attachment

3. In the Activity Code column mention WBS activity Code generated in ERP in front of relevant tasks and mention task weightage in the Activity Code Percentage

(You can mention the Activity ids also instead of Code so ERP will auto fetch Codes on that basis)



4. This will create Project schedule separate BOQ activities that can be managed in detail task wise

5. To import schedule go to MSP Integration Page available in the left menu

6. Select Project Name, Sub Project, and Select Import type as Project Schedule

7. Upload MSP file to be imported


8. In ERP once the file is uploaded can be checked for further details by clicking view MSP data, in View MSP Data system will check for incorrect format or data, and then only Integrate Button will be enabled. Click on Integrate MSP data then system will import that file in ERP