Production Management in StrategicERP

Shivprasad Wangdare

2021-05-29 15:41:59

In StrategicERP We can manage the Productions and its process as given below 

  1. We have a Production Management module to manage the Production and process related to the same in the below-given forms  
    1. Production BOM: Here we can define Raw Materials requirements for the Finished and Semi-Finished goods. Can define a list of BOM with required factors of raw materials in order to use the same at the time of Production.
    2. BOM Routing and Routing Activities: In this form, we can do the Planning and Scheduling required for the Production, We can make a list of activities and tasks required for the production of a particular material. Can create scheduling of production on the basis of the same. 
    3. Production Process: Here we do the process of making finished goods using raw materials, Can select materials from BOM master and produce finish goods. Materials will be taken from available Godown stocks and update the finished goods in production godown 


1. Production BOM


2. BOM Routing and Routing Activities





3. Production Process: