Outlook for the Coming Years and Company Growth Plans

Ashvin Gami

2022-02-24 13:05:41

In the next 5-10 years, we will witness a significant rise in digital transformation across the real estate and construction industry. The industries will embrace ERP and CRM solutions that are aligned to their organizational strategies. This is just the beginning and not the end. After digital transformation we will see a great change towards logical transformation where all data is processed based on supervised or unsupervised logic. Ultimately, this will lead to an autonomous future of the real estate industry using AI transformation. 

Digital, logical and AI transformations can be easily understood by one practical example.

  • We can say we have digitally transformed when we stop using paper and start using keyboard and mouse to provide input.
  • As for logical transformation, we need to stop using keyboard and only select values from a list by using a mouse as an input device. We do not need to type remarks as they will be written by the system on its own based on any previous data or provided function.
  • AI transformation can take place only after logical transformation. When it comes to AI transformation, we do not need to use the mouse as well. The system will become smart enough to pick up values from audio recordings of our conversations and take decisions or actions with minimum intervention, using voice commands and mobile applications.

Our company is dedicated to the growth of the real estate sector and equipping our 700 customers with the tools to gain benefits of digital, logical and AI transformations.  

Our vision for the future is to build a satisfied and digitally empowered client base of more than 5000 organizations and become a publicly listed ERP organization by the year 2025.

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