Not able to see biometric data in ERP Biometric Attendance Report

Anand Ramdhumal

2020-01-16 14:48:04

Below are steps needs to be taken into consideration:-

1) Check machine is integrated or not inside iclock application(15 server). If integrated check whether machine is having status as ONLINE or check it's LAST PING DATE on inside iclock application.
2) Check EmployeeCode in biometric machine is same as EmployeeCode in ERP for any particular enduser. EmployeeCode in biometric machine can be seen in iclock application on 15server and EmployeeCode in ERP is available in Employee Details form.
Back dated records willl not be fetched u Correct EmployeeCode will be fetched if C . Once EmployeeCode in Biometric Machine is added same as EmployeeCode in ERP then henceforth Corrected 
3) Even if data is showing properly , need to check if appropraite data is available in database and sql is giving proper result as per data