Leave Encashment Process

Rahul Tyagi

2022-08-17 19:47:26

Hello Folks.

Greetings From StrategicERP !!

I will explain you the working of Leave Encashment. To encash paid/earned leave balance you need to do entry in leave record or leave application form--

Please follow below steps- (Steps in leave record/application form)

1. Select employee code in leave record form. (If employee applying through ESS employee code will be auto fetched)

2. Tick on leave encashment check box. 

3. Select leave Encashment start date on which you are applying leave encashment.

4. Put Encashment Days. (Should not be more than leave balance)

5. Select leave type as paid/earned leave. 

Now system will show you the leave encashment amount. Verify it-

6. Save the record and follow up with your reporting manager/HR Head to approve it. 

7. Once the record get approved an auto entry will shoot in payment voucher form. 

8. Now accounts team need to select project, date, bank name and payment mode and approve the payment voucher and make payment accordingly.

Once Payment voucher get approved system will hit finance posting. 

Thanks for choosing StrategicERP as your I.T partner. Have a good day.


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