Jrxml Report Editor

Upendra Dubey

2020-09-15 20:41:03

Steps to edit Jrxml file.

  1. ERP Admin -> Reports Management -> select module and form -> list of reports will be displayed in table click on edit button, edit report details modal will open. In that modal you will find the edit report button.
    Note. Files which have reporttype is FORM JPDF and Filetype is jrxml only that jrxml files can be edited.

  2. On clicking the edit report button editor will open in a new tab.

  3. On the window you can see the file name, extension and a code viewer.

  4. Users can switch to code or graphical view by using above buttons, by clicking on preview accordion you will get a tree structure graphical view.

  5. On expanding the graphical by clicking on the names you can also see the attributes on the right which are used in the following tags.
    Note. names which end with {somenumber} will only have the attributes and not the [somenumber].

  6. Users can add and remove attributes from tags. To remove attribute check the checkbox against the attribute and click on the minus
    button on right top.

  7. To add new attribute users have to click on plus button, users can see multiple predefined attributes and can add new attributes if required. By clicking on the defined attributes in the table, attributes will be visible in right attribute editor as show below.

  8. Once you have made changes in attributes click on the save icon given on the right top of the attribute editor. 
    Once you click on save in attribute editor accordion and attribute editor gets reloaded.

  9. You have to follow step 8 in all the attribute changes.

  10. Once all the changes have been done click on the bottom save button to save the changes which will return  a success message.