Jrxml Report Editor

Upendra Dubey

2021-04-02 18:50:04

Steps to edit Jrxml file.

  1. ERP Admin -> Reports Management -> select module and form -> list of reports will be displayed in table click on edit button, edit report details modal will open. In that modal you will find the edit report button.
    Note. Files which have reporttype is FORM JPDF and Filetype is jrxml only that jrxml files can be edited.

  2. On clicking the edit report button editor will open in a new tab.

  3. On the window you can see on top file name, file extension.
    Below in center code viewer, preview viewer, on left file sturcture outline and on right properties.

  4. Users can click and expand the file outline structure on left panel from the same left panel users can add new outline attribute and delete an existing outline attribute.

  5. One can change the properties of the outline attributes in the right panel name as properties panel. This panel shows data on click of the selected outline attribute.
    Here we have select an attribute by clicking on the attribute name in the left outline structure and on clicking in right properties panel properties woll open and we can change the data of the propertie.
    In the below image column23301 of Parameters class property is changed from string to integer.