Shridhar Nagaraju

2023-12-01 19:05:27


Generally this error arises either 

  • when authentication token is expired, token gets expired every time session is closed or after 24 hrs. Please always click on get token every time you refresh or open iris forms.
  • When current GSTIN is not registered with iris, please contact iris team to check whether current GSTIN is registered 
  • When IRIS systems have technical issues, please refresh iris form once & try again
  • Also use IRIS live servers instead of staging servers, since staging server is dummy server & hence not maintained for proper functionality
  • Also make sure to enter all mandatory fields (marked with red asterisk), else you will get this error
  • Also for EWAY Bill generation also fill conditional mandatory fields (marked with black asterisk) (transportation details)


Invalid Fields

Please refer iris input formats for getting right fromats

Quick Examples 

  1. no is invalid - Please click on edit button near document number field to change from voucher number to sale bill number.
    1. Number can have only alphabets(caps & small), digits and /        (other special characters are not allowed)  
    2. Maximum length allowed - 16
    3. Number cannot start with 0 or /
  2. Unit is invalid - Please refer to master codes in input formats for checking allowed units (only specific units of 3 character length are allowed)
  3. Supplier addresses not autofetching - Please make sure to fill all necessary address fields (address, city, state, district, pincode, GSTINs) in both project master & company masters 
  4. Vendor addresses not fetching - Please make sure to fill all necessary address fields (address, city, state, district, pincode, GSTINs) in vendor master form
  5. Site wise address not fetching - Please make sure to fill corresponding project address in project master, else by default company address will be fetched
  6. Bills/Project not showing in IRIS forms - Please make sure the corresponding GSTIN number in the bill is added in the project master & the bill is in approved state
  7. No Responce after clicking on Generate - Please check Logs for payload & responce or for any errors & if unable to identify the cause, share payload & responce to IRIS team for seeking further assistance.
  8. Certain fields dropdown not opening or value not fetching - Please check once whether all the fields needed by the jsp to function properly are present in corresponding forms & data is entered in those fields.



  • For Unregistered Vendors - Please select B2CS or B2CL from transaction category, Buyer GSTIN will then change to URP, fill all necessary fields & proceed further
  •  For SEZ vendors - Please select SEWOP or SEWP from transaction category, fill all necessary fields & proceed further.


For other errors

Please check log for payload & responce, if unable to identify the cause, share the payload & responce to IRIS team for further assistance

For Developers Assistance

Einvoice API references

Eway Bill references