Disrupting an Industry with StrategicERP

Ashvin Gami

2023-11-14 20:36:11

The Tesla Approach to Disrupting an Industry

When Tesla introduced their electric cars, they were not just selling automobiles; they were selling a vision of a sustainable future. By targeting high-net-worth individuals first with their premium Roadster model, they were able to generate the capital needed to create more affordable models down the line.

Insight: Sometimes, a high-margin sales strategy can also serve as market disruption. Tesla did not try to compete with existing low-end models; they created a new market segment altogether.

Actionable Advice: Don't be afraid to target the upper echelons of your market. If you can solve a problem in a new and compelling way, there will be clients willing to pay a premium for your groundbreaking solutions.

Can we learn this art of Premium sales and create CEO presentations for each prospect above 40 Lacs?

Based on the knowledge from below questions:

1. What are the goals / aspirations for the business? 
2. What challenges are you facing in meeting these aspirations? What else? If we don’t get enough challenges, suggest some from your experience – do you face these too?
3. Once we have a list, ask them which are the top 3 challenges?
4. What is the impact on the business of these 3 challenges?
5. Why haven’t we done anything about this till now? What has changed now?
6. What would you like to see in an ERP solution, which will tell you that your challenges will be removed?
7. What is your timeframe you are looking for Implementation?
8. What is an estimated return on investment if we break these challenges?

When you can demonstrate that the value or savings you provide significantly exceed the cost, then the high price tag becomes inconsequential. This shifts you from being a seller to a strategic partner, a position that not only commands higher revenue but also cements long-term client relationships.

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