Biometric Integration Process

Anand Ramdhumal

2023-07-26 12:18:29

For ESSL Biometric Machine

Kindly check and confirm whether biometric machine is of ESSL Company and the machine is PUSH DATA API supported. As we do not support machine other than this.
If the machines are PUSH DATA API supported, kindly do following steps :-
1) Add inside adms field inside biometric machine
2) Add 8800 inside port number inside biometric machine
3) Set enable proxy server and enable domain name option's to OFF

4) Set DHCP option ON
5) Restart biometric machine
6) Share biometric machine serial number and Eternet IP address with support/developer team member

For Matrix Biometric Machine

Open Matrix Integrate Software -> If Service is stopped , Start the Service

Biometric Integration PPT:-