Ashvin Gami’s Guest Article Featured in Construction Mirror Magazine

Ashvin Gami, Founder & Managing Director, StrategicERP was the guest contributor for the July 2022 issue of the Construction Mirror Magazine. In his article, he wrote about the post-pandemic impact on the real estate industry.

Construction Mirror is a monthly subscription-based magazine, published to provide insights by and for the top executives in the construction and infrastructure industry. It covers guest articles and interviews on topics such as technology, engineering, project funding, regulations, liabilities and the environment.

Post-Pandemic Recovery of the Indian Real Estate

The Indian real estate sector contributes to 8% of the GDP and is one of the largest employment creators for the country. Despite the slowed growth during the pandemic, the industry witnessed a resurgence in demand and a boost in the adoption of real estate software.

Impact on the Adoption of Technology

The change in buying patterns amid pent-up demand is set to give the industry a much-needed boost as the economy recovers. The post-pandemic recovery phase is also witnessing an increase in the adoption of technology and real estate is not far behind.

Newer technologies such as Artificial Intelligence and IoT can be easily integrated with ERP software for real estate developers and builders to provide a single centralized platform.

Speedy Recovery Empowered by Technology

The adoption of technology will not only empower the real estate and construction industry to streamline their businesses and boost sales but also scale and adapt with the changing demands.

It will also help with the need to pace up projects, especially at the construction sites, by providing visibility and facilitating increased productivity

Predictive analytics in real estate ERP software help businesses put strategies in place for uncertainties like operational delays, over-costing and changing customer behavior.

StrategicERP has developed and delivered process automation solutions to more than 700 customers across 10+ countries. The cloud-based web and mobile solutions are bolstered by built-in AI features that lend a competitive edge and help build scalable and adaptable businesses.

For more insights, read the entire guest article on the Changing Face of the Indian Real Estate Sector after the Pandemic by Ashvin Gami.

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