USPs of StrategicERP Real Estate CRM

Madan Maladi

2023-07-31 18:03:18

To view screenshots of the USP features for Real Estate CRM, quickly browse through the following document. 

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What makes StrategicERP unique? 


StrategicERP is loaded with unique features delivered on a customizable and scalable cloud-based platform. 


Each module has its differentiating features that have been appreciated by our clients and have also given us a competitive advantage. We have compiled USP lists for each module to provide you with the opportunity to fully leverage StrategicERP software for your business. 



Take a look at our product USPs for Real Estate CRM.


  1. Campaign management with sales business target, sales mobile apps for Android and iOS

  2. Printed document self-development tool

  3. Communication: e-mail-ID, phone number discretion (9822****88), Click-to-call and Auto-dialer from CRM Data, missed call to auto-lead generation for follow-ups, and Round robin scheduling for lead distribution

  4. All digital media integration (enquiry creation), OCR technology (image to text conversion) for data capturing, and Channel Partner portal login and Mobile App

  5. HOD can view login access of their team members. Report/ MIS auto-mail through the CRM system

  6. 360-degree comprehensive solution for the Real estate domain

  7. Up-to-date RERA and GST as per the government compliance

  8. Auto-generated mail on predefined templates like floor plan/ amenities etc. Start-to-end CRM solution especially designed and developed for the Real estate domain with online payment gateway for customer payment.

  9. Customer App and web portal login

  10. Marketing and sales Automation

  11. Lead source analysis of revenue and leads conversion

  12. Recovery Receivable commitment and Ageing

  13. Graphical Sales Chart and Parking allotment

  14. Graphical DPR unit-wise ready for possession