StrategicERP Workflow Terminologies

Mukesh Kulal

2022-03-30 19:38:39

Managing workflow with StrategicERP

Workflow is basically a transition from one state to another. It provides additional functionalities during, before or after transition.


State is a place where record gets placed after saving and after transition it changes from one state to another.

1) From state: Starting state for any transition

2) To state: Ending state for any transition

3) Button Name: For displaying button name or that transition

4) Mandatory" List of fields which can be made mandatory when button is clicked

5) Sr. No.: The sequence of workflow to priortize

6) Timer Duration

7) Timer Actions

8) Assign Method: The method to assign record to user

9) Project Name: The name of project for which the transition was made 

10) Conditions

11) Check List

12) Notification

13) Triggers are lists of auto entry and balance relations that should be triggered


Custom Workflow: Can be added by customer in addition to existing workflows

Workflow Conditions: Can be used to control transitions of records only if they satisfy some condition.

Workflow Checklist: Can be used to get a checklist form to confirm from user wether all steps have been followed before submitting button.



Workflow Mandatory: Can be used to check for empty fields before submitting button.





Workflow Timer Action


Workflow button hide or show


Multiselect Workflow


State Timer Actions