e-TDS Return Filing Process

Vinayak Khedekar

2023-03-23 13:52:29


TDS Return Filing Process 

Step – 1

Download TDS txt file from the ERP.

Go to Statutory Management – TDS Return - 



Select the Voucher and Print - TDS Return 26Q or 24Q FVU Txt



Step – 2


   CSI file (containing TDS Challan details )

   Download from – https://tin.tin.nsdl.com/oltas/index.html




Select TAN Based View



Enter TAN and Period for the TDS Return and Download Challan File and Save it on your computer


Step – 3

Download the File Validation Utility (FVU) developed by Protean eGov Technologies Limited and freely available at Tax Information Network (TIN) website. Many software vendors provide the utility built into their software.



Download  e-TDS/TCS FVU.exe (Version 8.0) New features/Validations.


Step – 4

Once you download the FVU Exe file, run TDS_STANDALONE_FVU_8.0 Batch File. (Make sure you have the latest JAVA Version installed on your laptop/ computer) 




On successful setup, the following screen will appear.


In TDS / TCS Input File Name with Path, select the file downloaded from the ERP (txt format)



In Challan input file Name with Path, select the file downloaded from OLTAS portal (CSI format)



In Error/upload@ Statistics report file path, give path of your computer folder for logs to check. e.g. Documents


Then click on Validate Button


Step – 5

On successful validation .​fvu file will be generated



Step – 6


For online TDS return file go to https://www.incometax.gov.in/iec/foportal/

Login and go to Income Tax Forms, Upload TDS / TCS Returns



Select Form and other details and upload FVU file and proceed to e-verify