Telecalling form showing in pending task but giving no access on opening the task

Ashvin Gami

2022-01-19 19:36:11

This is because of permission management.

Please check the permission of all users on that state and make sure there is

(1) Telecall Attended By=${self};PENDING;Telecall Attended By=${self};Next Followup Date<${now};Rows=50;


(2) Telecall Attended By=${self};PENDING;Next Followup Date<${now};Rows=50;


(3) ;PENDING;Telecall Attended By=${self};Next Followup Date<${now};Rows=50;

(1) and (2) has same meaning but is used for end users.

(3) is used for HODs who have access to all leads.

If any user has permission without Telecall Attended By=${self}; then it will confuse new task assignment logic and there will be issue with stateownerid and Telecall Attended By.

Once permissions are proper, regenerate all pending tasks for that status to correct the data.


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