New Cloud link creation- Dependent tasks

Ashvin Gami

2022-03-30 15:35:05

Following tasks must be completed prior to the cloud link-creation request:

1. Incorrect vouchers- NIL

2. Business Booked must have project completion target date, in future or with reason

3. Cloud payment- received

4. Advance payment- received

5. Business Booked must have updated stopped projects

6. All project schedules should have DPR and Project Delays until last Saturday

7. All outstanding payment because of product/ development must have Issue ID or Change Request ID in ITAPL

8. Project handover list with go-live payment, customer testimonial, completed change requests, form wise customizations has to be ready

9. List of development ready change requests if product is not capable of delivering in accordance with the PO terms

10. Team assigned to the new project must have knowledge, available in the knowledge base related to the new project and must be spending min. 5 hours per week with the product team

11. All change requests submitted till date must have complete documentation which can be a reference for the development without any functional help. Also, all delivered CR Invoices must be fully paid.

12. No functional issues and change requests in CRM

13. No overdue tasks in Todo

14. No overdue errors in CRM

15. Updated Project Master details with cloud code, link and credentials

16. Receivable Schedule Report should be upto date

17. Checklist for accepting the project from sales team

18. No overdue of bill above 120 days


1. How much time does this process take?

Ans. Approx. 1 week if the above information is ready with the team on day 1.

2. Why does the cloud link process getting initiated after kick off? 

Ans. One document signoff is required from the client and sales team as per point no. 9 that all customisations in the future will be paid except change requests signed in the kickoff meeting.