Email and Sms FAQs

Anand Ramdhumal

2022-07-10 18:36:02

1) Email is not getting received from ERP ?
 1. Please check whether correct username and password credentails are configured in ERP->general settings form 
 2. Please check Less Secure App is ON. Refer below link to make appropriate changes

 2) Sms is not getting received from ERP ?
  1. Kindly check whether correct mobile number is added for particular user in ERP->User Management form.
  2. Can wait for 5 mins as sometimes sms will be delivered late due to network congestion or network availabilty
  3. Check general settings if sms api url is correct. Example of a working sms api url is${smsuser}&password=${smspassword}&msisdn=${mobile}&sid=${sender}&msg=${message}&fl=0&gwid=2