HR Voice Assistant

santosh rabad

2021-08-16 12:51:52

An initiative towards making HR functions handsfree.

HR voice assistant added on ESS App which works on text as well as voice command.The voice command uses NLP (natural language processing) to convert voice to text and then processed.

The Voice assistant supports a few functionalities such leave balance, leave application, upcoming birthday, attendence report etc.

The Functionalities are:

Click the mic icon for voice command which will convert the voice command into text.

In the image below, the available leave balance is displayed- 

2] Click on mic icon > say- salary slip, pop up will be displayed on the screen to select the month for which salary slip is required.

3] The image given below displays a message informing that the payment slip has been downloaded on your device.

4] Colleagues' upcoming birthday and work anniversary can be displayed by using the voice command- upcoming birthday.

5] In the HR bot, we easily apply for leave using voice command. Upon entering the voice command, a screen would be displayed to fill additional details in a form. 

6] Daily attendence details can also be displayed in the HR bot. The daily attendence sheet would be downloaded on device after successful submition of details.