Stock Adjustment JV Details

Mihir Thakkar

2020-07-21 20:35:30

If we are not using finace posting from GRN and GIN then we can update closing stock in ERP as follows.

Please see below document using any email id:



A. Year 2014-15

  Particulars Amount  
  Opening Stock 2,00,000.00  
  Closing Stock 1,50,000.00  
Steps :      
1 Create Groups From Accounts Group :    
  Group Name Parent Group Account Head
Say, a. Opening Stock - Trading Account
b. Closing Stock - Trading Account
c. Stock In Hand - Balance Sheet
2 Create Ledger From Ledger Accounts    
  Ledger Group Name  
Say, a. Opening Stock Ledger Opening Stock  
b. Stock In Hand Ledger Stock In Hand  
c. Closing Stock Ledger Closing Stock  
3 Opening Stock :    
3A. Use Opening Form For Opening Balance :    
  Field Name Data  
  Last FY Closing Date : 31/03/2014  
  Ledger : Stock In Hand  
  Last FY Closing Amount : 2,00,000.00  

Journal Voucher : Pass the below JV on 01/04/2014

  Opening Stock ….……...Dr. 2,00,000.00  
  To Stock In Hand   2,00,000.00
4 Closing Stock    
  Pass the below JV on 31/03/2015    
  Stock In Hand ……………..Dr. 1,50,000.00  
  To. Closing Stock   1,50.000.00

B. Year 2015-16 :

  Pass the below JV on 01/04/2015    
  Opening Stock……….. …. Dr. 1,50,000.00  
  To Stock In Hand   1,50,000.00