How to add money in wallet of Lokacart-IITB admin APP to get access of service

Anand Rajguru

2022-06-22 13:44:51

Lokacart IITB is a online marketing platform media whcih connect community based farmers organisatin directly to customer to sell their products. For sustainale running of this online platform this platform charges Rs 20 per order to community based oraginsation for each order placed by end customer. So this cost will deduct from Lokacart Admin wallet. Below is the procedure given to add money to wallet to avail this service. 

1. Do login on admin app 

2. Click on the hamburger button 

4. Click on wallet button 

5. Click on add amount button 

6. Minumum amount of Rs 1000 have to pay, click on pay now button 

7. Use any option above to do  the payment.