Bank reconciliation process

Prashant Bari

2020-11-02 13:06:29

How to process my bank reconciliation for a particular month

How to update Clear Date perticular entery


1. Go to Financial Management

2. Click on Bank Reconciliation auto 


3. Select Company name

4. Select Ledger Name

5. Select Account no

6. Select start date and end date (Same like excel statements )

7. Choose excel file (allow only .xls file )

Note : In Excel debit and credit amount column seperate

8. Upload


 after upload data display 5th condition

1) Condition: ERP : Voucher Date,Cheque No,Credit,Debit Match To Bank : Value Date,Cheque No,Credit,Debit

2) Condition: ERP : Voucher Date,Credit,Debit Match To Bank : Value Date,Credit,Debit

3) Condition: ERP : Credit,Debit Match To Bank : Credit,Debit

4) Condition: Particular Date Txn

5) Condition: Bank Excel : No Match ERP



Note : 

Clear updation

1) Double click on Txn date or Value date then automatically update clear date

2) suppose you want different clear date then click on calender and select date and click to refresh button

Entery for Payement Voucher and Receipt Voucher soclick on each perticular icon then automatically open form