Adding images in mail body of status mail SMS- Upload file to ERP and create link

Upendra Dubey

2021-08-17 15:21:51

This article will help you add images in the mail body of status mail SMS.
To add image in the mail body click on the image icon above the mail body. A message box will appear. 

Adding image link by uploading file in ERP

If you have an image file on your device you can upload the image in ERP and create a link for the file as follows:

  • Image 1 : Login into ERP -> click on ERP Admin module -> select Project Master form -> create new record or update existing record by uploading an image in the attachment box by clicking on Attach Button as show below.

  • Image 2 : After uploading the file in the attachment box, the following image will be displayed. Click on upload file button and the image will be attached to the record.

  • Image 3 : Once the file is attached with the record, an image file link will be displayed in the attachment, located below the form.