Cloud-Telephony - The Feature that streamlines your Cold Calling and Lead Management

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Blog posted by : Admin / 07 Jan, 2019

Leads are the most important source of your business income, let it be your real estate business or B2B business. When it comes to managing your small scale or large scale business, Leads become the only oxygen for your business to grow in your industry. But recording the generated leads and keeping the proper follow up of all new or existing customers becomes excessive for your excel sheets to handle, especially when you have a big list of potential clients. At such moment, you need a Cloud-based CRM or ERP software which can streamline your lead management process on one single platform and gives you the client data instantly with the latest status and call recordings of all the leads. In your B2B CRM software or real estate CRM software, the newly developed Cloud- Telephony support feature helps your pre-sales team to record the leads with the actual call recordings. Hence it also helps you pre-sales team to achieve the higher target in cold-calling.


Cloud-Telephony streamlines the incoming and outgoing calling system with the following benefits:

Increased Productivity:

Whenever your pre-sales team has to go through the process of cold calling, they have to type the whole number while making a call which still becomes a time-consuming task and sometimes also leads to an error in typing the mobile number. But with the Cloud Telephony Support, you have just to select your lead in B2B CRM software and make a call at one click of a button. The call with your perspective is automatically recorded in the CRM for B2B. The call recording will be saved in the history link which enables your pre-sales team to access the recording at the time of the next follow up. In this way, your company can focus primarily on those leads who are likely to become your future customer.

Improved Cost-effectiveness:

Imagining your sales or pre-sales team using the excel sheets to maintain all the client record and call record separately seems non-productive. Due to such a time-consuming process, it can lead to a decrease in the cost-effectiveness of your team. On the other hand, With Cloud Telephony feature available in your Real Estate CRM, you can record and handle your leads seamlessly. When the incoming call enquiry takes place, the call is automatically recorded with the automatic insertion of a client & ,business information like project name, company name, mobile number, and source name in the CRM for Real Estate. Cloud Telephony makes it possible for your pre-sales team to achieve
the higher target in the sales meeting and in turn, improves cost-effectiveness.

Fast Delivery to your Customers:

With Cloud Telephony feature placed in your Real Estate CRM or B2B CRM, you may reach the highest target in sales. Your employees may leverage the power of ERP or CRM while ensuring the quick response to your customers, and higher profitability for your organization. But if you see the value of Cloud Telephony from your customers point of view, you will realize that your organization is now able to make faster delivery to the potential customers.

Cloud Telephony support feature in the CRM for Real Estate can bring higher agility in your lead management system and help you to succeed in capturing the target market within a short time.

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