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StrategicERP IT solutions are developed to provide end-to-end process automation and an information management system with tremendous customisation. Our cutting edge real estate and construction ERP software product is the brain-child of the core technology development team from IIT. Technology is the greatest weapon of the 21st century, and we help you wield it proficiently.


StrategicERP, the quintessential ERP software for the Real Estate and Construction Industry facilitates complete project lifecycle management and provides an ERP solution that is tailor-made for the construction industry. StrategicERP provides real-time information empowering Real Estate and Construction businesses to make informed and effective decisions about crucial business functions. The real-time analytics pushed out of our Real Estate ERP will deliver cost optimisation and process excellence. Our ERP Real Estate Software is developed and designed to streamline complex business functions. StrategicERP’s Construction software and Infrastructure ERP with user-friendly interface gives you a panoramic picture of your project at all times.

Developed with artificial intelligence, Construction ERP software helps planning daily business activities. It intuitively sets reminders and offers relevant information for meetings to make your life easier. Artificial intelligence in Construction & Infrastructure ERP is user-friendly and responds to voice commands enabling you to take care of business as you go about your day.

Software for SMEs need to be developed in accordance with the needs of SMEs which are different from those of big enterprises. At StrategicERP, we do this with our extensive experience in the industry and domain expertise. Similarly, we understand the unique software needs of the Manufacturing industry and develop Manufacturing software that maximizes productivity.

Construction ERP software, developed with artificial intelligence, helps immensely in planning the daily business activities right from setting reminders to presenting crucial information in meetings. Artificial intelligence in Infrastructure and Construction Software enhances the user-friendliness through voice commands and gives accurate results based on relevant commands.